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Thanks for visiting the aardwearing software limited website!

We offer a wide range of business analysis and IT consultancy services to help you build your business by using the most appropriate technologies.

We also develop applications for mobile devices such as the iPhone.

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What are people saying about aaLuminate?...

At last! ★★★★★

by Sheila Sanderson - Version 2.0 - Jun 18, 2013

For anyone who finds reading on brilliant white backgrounds to be uncomfortable - and especially for those who find it painful - this app is the answer. For the last six months since buying my iPad, I have been sending web articles to my Kindle app or to a text to speech app so that I could bear to read them. It felt clumsy - and it was- but now I can browse the web, read articles and documents in my Dropbox or Google Drive...fantastic! I'm even more excited to be able to introduce my pupils at school to this app - as we move from paper based documents to iPads, I had concerns about how those with visual stress would cope. This has been really well thought through and integrates easily with other apps. Well done and thank you to the developers for the excellent and prompt after sales service, too.

Only app that I know of with this capability ★★★★★

by Randompurple - Version 1.0.2 - Sep 25, 2012

This app was recommended to me following a screening. I have been using it, and overlays since and find it really helpful. Sometimes it's nice not to have to get out the A4 sized overlay, and just use the phone instead. I'd recommend it as a great second option.

“works brilliantly” email from Tracy T in the UK- Jun 6, 2013

“I am doing an OU degree so this app is helping me a lot with being able to read their textbooks”

“Rest for your eyes...  Ease the pain of reading... All reading apps should come with this”

What’s on iPhone - Sep 2, 2013

What are people saying about aaSsessMyVS?...

Good Screening Tool ★★★★★

by Jcscherr - Version 1.0.2 - Apr 20, 2012

Two of my three sons have been diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome and have corrective (tinted) lenses. I tried this app on my boys, and it recommended overlay colors for the two, and said it wouldn't help the one that doesn't have trouble reading. It was interesting that the best color for a backlit screen is slightly different than the best overlay for a printed sheet. Just like the color for corrective lenses is usually different than the color of the overlay...

This is a dream come true.... what a great app!

by DoctorClarity on YouTube

...a very useful test to take if you are suffering from tired eyes, migraines and blurry text...invaluable for teachers and education professionals

What’s on iPhone - Aug 29, 2013

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our apps and iOS10

Some of you will know that there are some new accessibility features in the upcoming version of iOS. Whilst we can’t talk in detail about the beta versions that we developers are already looking at, some information is already in the public domain and can be discussed.

For example, a recent article in 9to5 Mac gives a lot of useful info from 9to5 Mac. You can find it here...

The very good news is that these changes mean that you’ll be able to place a tunable coloured overlay over everything on your iOS device when you upgrade to iOS 10. iOS 10 will be generally available from September 2016. If you can upgrade all of your devices then you won’t need aaLuminate at all. Once all your devices support iOS10, please don’t buy aaLuminate!

The not so good news is that many devices (any iPhone older than the iPhone 5 for example) won’t be able to be upgraded to iOS 10 and so can’t have these new features. Here is an article with the details of which devices can run iOS10

For people on those older devices, we will continue to sell aaLuminate as it will still be useful but at a reduced price to reflect the fact that you won’t need it forever.

The companion testing app aaSsessMyVS will still be useful to everyone so will continue to be sold without a price reduction.